Making an impact in Missouri

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We are making an IMPACT in MISSOURI!!!!

 IMPACTJUNKIE member ALEENA hosted a dream session at Bertrand Nursing and Rehab Center

Work can be tough at times especially those who are caretakers for people who need the extra help like those a nursing home. We know many of you work full-time where the everyday can seem to feel like a clock in, clock out life. Aleena, IMPACTJUNKIE member, decided to change it up and host a Dream Session with her coworkers at Bertrand Nursing and Rehab Center in Missouri. She printed an IMPACTJUNKIE poster, gathered some sharpies, and asked her coworkers a simple question…

“Where do you want to be in 5 years… what is your biggest dream?”  

Some of the responses were…
  • travel on medical trips to help those around the world
  • be an occupational therapist to make impact with families
  • be a physical therapist assistant
  • to “die from laughter” – we love it!

Her coworkers’ dreams match many of our dreams by wanting to help others and make impact. We want to reject leaving everyday with no meaning or purpose, or following a routine that makes us feel stuck. Aleena was able to share how maybe she is not able to travel around the world yet, but she can be an IMPACTJUNKIE right now. The stories of entrepreneurs were shared that day in how they too can be part of the bigger picture of impact. Imagine sharing the story of Efenia, women entrepreneur of Belize, with your coworkers or classmates – how special.

We were so inspired and wanted to share- a Dream Donut Party, on us! Aleena was able to surprise her coworkers with fresh, hot donuts from Houchin’s Donuts. It was a special treat in the middle of long, hard week at work. Get ready! More is coming your way!

Check out the pictures below!

Thank you staff of Bertrand Nursing and Rehab center for all you do to take care of those in need – you all are amazing! 
Keep dreaming big and making impact everywhere you go. Aleena – way to take the first steps of being an entrepreneur by jumping in, seeing a need, and solving a problem. You rock!
“Enjoyed doing the new Dream Big IJ challenge with my coworkers!!!! The best past was getting to share the IMPACTJUNKIE movement with all of them! Hoping they will become fellow IJ members ” – ALEENA

Win free donuts for your office/workplace/school!

Here’s how it works! 

Step 1: Scribble or draw a picture of you and your coworkers biggest dreams of where you want to be in 5 years – get some post-it notes, get all the copy paper, or use a marker board!

Step 2: Snap a group selfie (get everyone in the pic!) with the dreams on display in a creative way. Make it happen and win free donuts on us next week!

Step 3: Post your pictures/stories/dream on social media and use the hashtag #IMPACTJUNKIE and tag IMPACTJUNKIE or email by Friday at 12p.

Talk about being the hero today! Don’t forget to tell them about IMPACTJUNKIE, and dream big on how you can make an impact together. 

Do more with what you have been given. Start something that changes lives. Email to share with pictures, stories, or feedback on how it went!

Keep loving people, going places, and changing lives!

Keep loving people, going places, and changing lives!

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