In it for the long haul

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You’re officially going on an Impact Junkie trip!
Going somewhere awesome, to do something awesome, and you’re going to change lives!

But getting there requires a flight … a long one.

International flights, especially those spent in economy class can be draining. The following tips are lessons that you’re fellow IMPACTJUNKIE members learned in action. We hope this information will help make your long haul flight a little more enjoyable.

Wear light, removable layers

“Long haul flights are known to either be too hot or too cold, and some planes do not have a personal air vent at each seat. On our flight to Nepal, I made the mistake of wearing a sweater because it was my bulkiest item (I didn’t want to pack) and I’m usually cold anyways. However, this was not the case on the flight. Every passenger around me was dripping in sweat and fanning themselves. The flight attendants brought us wet cloths but that only helped for so long. After taking off my coat, I had no other layers to remove. Nothing is worse than being stuck in a hot, small space. Be prepared for either temperature condition and wear layers that you can add to or take away.”

Stay hydrated and moisturized

“The air on the plane is recycled, making the air very dry. Stay hydrated drinking water, Gatorade, etc. and try to avoid caffeine. The air can also make your skin dry, consider bringing hand lotion, chap-stick and a facial moisturizing spray to combat dry skin and bring yourself some comfort.”

Keep your “feet space” clear

“Most flights allow you to take one carry-on bag and a purse and/or backpack. The carry-on will go in a bin above your head. Any other items will go under the seat in front of your, taking up your feet space. Keep what you need for your flight in a small bag that won’t take up too much space. A few hours into the flight, you’ll be thankful for that wiggle room.”

Adjust your clock

“When you’re settling down for your flight, use the World Clock app on your phone or adjust your watch to your destination’s time. This will help you determine when it is daytime/nighttime at your final destination. Use this information to try sleep when it is nighttime and begin adjusting yourself to their time zone before you even arrive.”

Carry-On Essentials:
Everyone has different “essentials” so take your liberty with this list and alter it to meet your needs.

  • Noise canceling headphones:
    There were crying babies on our plane. Enough said.
  • A Sleep Mask:
    As you try to sleep, people may open their windows and the sun will wake you up.
  • A Pillow:
    Many people use neck pillows.
    However, I used an inflatable pillow on Amazon.
    It takes up less space inside a carry-on bag and has more positions to rest your head. Like this one HERE. 
  • Snacks:
    For when you can’t wait until the next meal is served.
  • Any medication you may need
  • Chargers & Powerbanks:
    Some planes have a charging outlet, others do not.
    Be prepared for both scenarios.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer:
    An effort to keep yourself from getting sick.
    Wipe down your tray, arms rests, etc.
    And put on hand sanitizer before you eat.
  • Entertainment:
    A book, music, etc.


This post was written by author, Vashti Williams

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