Johns Hopkins University welcomes IMPACTJUNKIE

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Philip Harding, cofounder of IMPACTJUNKIE, to host Health + Innovation Workshops at John Hopkins University, one of the leading medical universities

Imagine being able to 3D print a prosthetic arm in Haiti? What if there was a GPS device for the visually impaired? Could IMPACTJUNKIE partner to design the next medical phenom to impact lives around the world?

On October 1st, Phillip Harding will be asking these big questions to a room full of graduate students at Johns Hopkins University in Rockville, MD. There is a need for entrepreneurship, the art of problem solving to sweep through medical programs across places of higher education. Many doctors and other healthcare professionals learn how to relieve symptoms, find cures for diseases and spend their time in labs discovering the next BIG THING.

What if we could do more? What if we could combine entrepreneur savvy skills and the best medical knowledge out there to create innovative products to impact the world?

HEALTH + INNOVATION training is a need among these programs and we are right in the middle of making it happen. We will be meeting with the graduate students of Johns Hopkins University Center for Biotechnology Educational and Post-Baccalaureate Health Science Intensive Program. But wait… How did this happen?

Meet Zuri who opened the door for this to be possible and had a desire to start something that changes lives. She leads our research and assessments for IMPACTJUNKIE ventures, piloting our internship program and the list could go on for all that she does.

Zuri Obado is currently a pre-health adviser for the Health Science Intensive (HSI) program. She grew up in New Jersey and attended Rutgers University, where she majored in psychology. She then attended Boston University School of Medicine and received a master’s in mental health counseling and behavioral medicine. After graduation, Zuri returned to Rutgers, first to be a counseling intern and then to work full time for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences’ Educational Opportunity Fund program as an advisor supporting first generation and underrepresented students. The program helps students who need extra support transitioning from high school to college.

“It was my way of giving back to the community,” Zuri said. She left New Jersey in February to move to Maryland, where she has started the next phase of her career at Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus. In her role, Obado is on the HSI admissions committee and serves as a resource for students interested in enrolling in the HSI program. She also interviews prospective students.

She had the idea with her program team to combine entrepreneurship and reached out IMPACTJUNKIE to make it possible. Philip Harding, an alum of Harvard University, was able to design a program to bring innovation to life and will be connecting how it is important to do more with what you’ve been given. There is a hunger to make social impact at the forefront of higher education, business, and churches and we believe it is a mandate to make it part of what we do all the time.

There will be a room full of current students and alumni looking to take the next steps in making impact, and possibly partner with IMPACTJUNKIE their ventures. After the session, there will be a exclusive huddle of students and alumni pitching their venture ideas and see how we can move it into reality.

We are excited about the partnership with John Hopkins University and have requests from other universities looking to follow in the same footsteps. If you are interested in attending on October 1st, let us know. Health + Innovation, Tech + Innovation, and Entrepreneurship workshops are available for booking through IMPACTJUNKIE.

As an IMPACTJUNKIE member, you made this happen. The stories of impact are your own story and hope you share it with your community.

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