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We want YOU to share your IMPACTJUNKIE stories!

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What does IMPACTJUNKIE mean to you?

IMPACTJUNKIE means reaching the WORLD with the mindset of saving people’s lives. It’s not just a cool name or a way for entrepreneurs to get their names out there. [IT IS A WAY] to use our God-given talents to help someone else.”

How have you been changing the world in your community?

“I currently work as a youth mentor and a youth engagement specialist to help [the] youth and young adults in a small city, and in the state of Maryland, that suffer from [issues with their] mental health, behavioral health and addiction.”

Tell us about a venture YOU would like to start…

“I really like my photography. I would really like to go out into different countries and be able to help those who are suffering from addictions or mental health issues that society labels them with. I wish I could take medication [and] healing plans [to] people dealing with depression and oppression. I want to use the knowledge I have to education. Then use my photography to show their change and even [how] their new walk with God may develop.”

Tell us more about YOU:

“As I stated above, I love photography and it has become my ministry at church and [in] my district. I owe my love for capturing live [events] through a camera, to my dad. He passed away in 2009 and that rocked my life. I struggled with depression and [thoughts of] suicide, BUT GOD [showed up]. I look at myself now and how much more passion I have than I did at 13 and 21 [now 22]. My photography business is called KD Hope Photography. I have it that name because my dad always called me KD and I want to give hope through every picture. I look back at the pictures I took on my mission’s trips both to South Africa and Guatemala, and I see the hope that the church members had even when they [had] nothing. Seeing that gives me hope that every dream I have and every promise God has spoken to me is going to come to pass.”

How have YOU experienced Ventures? How do you believe they are changing lives?

“I see this program giving fresh water to those who never [thought] that it would happen. I’ve you all pray and give homes. You’ve given smiles to people who would never smile again because of the struggles of life. I see the hope IMPACTJUNKIE gives.”


Thank you Kadesha for sharing YOUR STORY.

Talk about being the hero today!

Don’t forget to tell everyone about IMPACTJUNKIE, and dream big on how you can make an impact together. 

Do more with what you have been given.

Start something that changes lives.

Email to share with pictures, stories, or feedback on how it went!

Keep loving people, going places, and changing lives!

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