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I’ll admit it — I was one of those people.
Totally inside my box, comfortable in my zone, 100 percent cozy in my rut!
Breaking out has been a long process and one that’s still evolving. It’s not that I was a boring person. I just had a very narrow mindset and I sort of viewed my life within the lens of what I thought was possible. I had settled into “adulting” and forgot to think “what if”? I forgot to seek inspiration and in all honestly, I forgot to grow as a person. Yep, I was good and stuck.

There’s not necessarily anything wrong with accepting life as it currently is, but there is something wrong with forgetting to reach for something more.

I worked a typical 8-5 office job, was involved in ministry at church and secretly patted myself on the back for having it all together (a story I’ll save for another time). In that special way life has, I  eventually came to a crashing reality check. The moment happened for me in the middle of Kathmandu, Nepal. Yes, Nepal. As in Asia, literally across the globe from where I had spent my entire life. The stuck girl, the introvert, the one fighting her doubt.

In July 2017, I was at NAYC, (North American Youth Congress) with my husband, Zach, and a few friends. How could I know that my life was on a collision course with explosive, mind-bending change that would open my entire world?

At NAYC, we heard a passionate speech by Philip Harding about IMPACTJUNKIE. As a girl with an INFP personality-type, I immediately connected emotionally with the idea of a sustainable approach to loving and helping people (although I had very little idea what that actually meant.) So, Zach and I both joined and became IMPACTJUNKIEs that same night! Or so we thought. Turns out, ‘become’ literally means ‘begin to be’. Yep, you read that correctly. You never really achieve ‘become’, its really just a continual beginning.

A few months after signing up, Zach and I applied to go on a venture trip to Nepal. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had certain expectations of what that would look like. Too bad I didn’t learn the Nepali word for ‘wrong’, or I’d have used that here! I had prepared myself to see poverty, to experience a lack of sanitation and a culture totally unknown to me.  What I wasn’t prepared for, were the people. The love. The total shift in mindset.

The story of that first trip to Nepal deserves it’s own spotlight.

For now, I want to share the pivotal moment that shook me in a way that I’ll never recover from. I don’t even want to. Like most pivotal moments, it was unexpected. It hit me out of nowhere and left me breathless. In a single encounter, my mindset shifted from reactive to proactive.

In the middle of the oldest area of Kathmandu, surrounded by crumbling beauty, I connected my purpose with my calling. I honestly can’t believe there wasn’t a light bulb over my head that lit up. It was one of those moments that just clicked.

Suddenly I knew why I was called to adopt. I knew why God had gifted me with compassion. I saw the connection between the way Jesus loved people, and the way I should love people. Everything in my life had led me up to that moment. Walls and pews were an ocean away and it was just me, talking to children who had lost their parents or ran away and were living in the temple, begging for food and money to survive. I was looking into the eyes of boys who needed hope, but they needed so much more. It was no longer enough to pray. It was no longer enough to share Christ with my words.

I silently wiped tears as we had to walk away that day. I saw the potential, the intelligence inside those children. I  saw resilience in its rawest form.

From that, something responded inside me. Something was born in me that day. I left Asia with a determination to help children in Nepal reach their dreams. They do dream, they are skilled, they are smart and funny and everything a child should be. They just need the opportunity to show it.

That’s why I am launching The Resilience Creative.

Working directly with children’s homes in Kathmandu, we are providing the kids a way to reach their dreams. We are providing opportunities for education and training. We are creating  opportunities for them to go to university or become entrepreneurs themselves once they are adults.

The Resilience Creative is restoring hope and repairing the connection between hard work and opportunities received to a generation of  young people.

This quote is my mission.
That’s why I am an IMPACTJUNKIE.


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