What Would I Tell A Future Impact Junkie?

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Being an Impact Junkie clearly defines what you can be if you desire to make a difference in the world, both in your community and around the globe. Making a difference is what I have found the greatest joy other than serving God and my family. I guess you could say I’ve become “addicted” or a “junkie” of making a difference.

As I have been to Haiti, Nepal and Honduras in just the last nine months, I have seen the impact of providing clean water to those who are desperate for water through wells and filters. We have seen orphanages with children that are hungry, without enough clothes or even shoes for their feet.

We have discovered those who with just a little financial help and direction can become business owners and provide for their families and village as well as have money left over to build a church.

The world has great needsm, and it is so rewarding plus fun to travel to these places.

I encourage you to sign up today and become an Impact Junkie by clicking HERE

This post was written by #ImpactJunkie Co-Founder Steve Drury


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