Women entrepreneurs attend Tech + Innovation workshops

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Tech + Innovation Workshops by IMPACTJUNKIE attracts women entrepreneurs to make impact in Washington D.C. and Richmond, Virginia  

“I have already recommended the next event to some of my members. I loved the creative environment that was created, and I loved learning about IMPACTJUNKIE! The event was long enough to learn something, but not too long to disrupt the whole day. There was a great group of women there.” Jean Tillery, managing director of eWoman’s network.

Women entrepreneurs from all backgrounds attended the first session of the Tech + Innovation workshops in Washington D.C. and Richmond, Virginia at the end of August. From military spouses, CEOs/founders of start-up companies, graduate students of Georgetown University, and many small business owners filled the room with an eagerness to lean in and learn how they can take their ventures to the next level. It was more than the bottomline of making profit that brought the room together, it was the desire to make impact as well. Some ventures included computer coding for as young as pre-schoolers/daycares, functional clothing for moms on the go, and international outreach to bring entrepreneurship overseas.

The workshops were hosted in The Broad, a shared workspace for women and in TechSpace, a shared workspace for start-up tech companies. It is a dream for IMPACTJUNKIE to create a similar shared workspace of our own, more to come! 

Philip Harding, cofounder of IMPACTJUNKIE, completed a series of hands-on activities to demonstrate how to understand your customer, designing products focused on user experience, and created your MVP product. Many of the concepts can be found in the book, The Lean Startup, by Eric Reis – we highly recommend. The session opened with sharing the stories of IMPACTJUNKIE entrepreneurs Elfenia, pastor’s wife who started the Mayan Handcraft Products from the villages of Belize and Weedad, the Syrian refugee launching a cooking business, read more of her story here.

Why these stories?

Elfenia and Weedad are both women entrepreneurs who started with less, but decided to do more with what they have been given. Many times they lived in places with no electricity, minimal funds, and more challenges than we could every imagine like how will they send their children to school for the week. However, their stories resonated with many of the women entrepreneurs in the room simply because they were both given the same opportunity.

The opportunity to do more with what you’ve been given and start something that changes lives.

IMPACTJUNKIE believes making money with no impact plan on how to affect real change is where many businesses are ready to make a shift. Social impact is at the forefront and many are not quite sure how to make it fit in, and do impact the right way. It more than saying “we have a giveback plan” but creating impact you can see, touch, and feel. Being an entrepreneur is a big leap to engaging problems and being part of creating the solution through business principles.

As women entrepreneurs, it can be tough to make the jump but the uniqueness women bring to the table cannot be ignored. Some of the most innovative products were designed by women simply out of need, and needing a quick solution. In India, it believed there are more women entrepreneurs than men entrepreneurs. IMPACTJUNKIE hosted The Great Pitch competition for entrepreneurs, and 4 out of the 5 finalists were women. Women entrepreneurs are leading the way in creating effective change and we want to be right in the middle of it. We believe the best part is this is not the first time we have held these workshops.

These workshops are part of the IMPACTJUNKIE experiences, our international venture trips, where we host these workshops with every village eager to learn like the roofs of Nepal, refugee camps, and more. The next monthly release with IMPACTJUNKIE will focus on women entrepreneurs, don’t miss it!

Sample Workshop Topic: Launch your venture.

Work smarter, not harder. Good code requires good thinking and testing. Start by getting into your users’ heads. Learn as much as you can before you build the entire product. Learn to map out your application experience and get feedback real-time from real people during this workshop.

Skill Takeaways:

  • Entrepreneurship in action
  • Intro to Design Thinking
  • Developer experimentation and planning
  • Building and testing through experimentation
  • User Experience Design + Talking with real users – Mapping out user flow and experience

As an IMPACTJUNKIE member, YOU made this happen. The stories of impact are your own story and we are only getting started.
Keep loving people, going places and changing lives!

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