Writing Team

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Please say hello to our super talented, and super cool, writing team.

Read all about them & why they’ve decided to LOVE PEOPLE, GO PLACES & CHANGE LIVES.

RACHEL: Writing Team/Blog Captain

“Hey there! I’m Rachel. Eight years ago, I married my best friend Zach and we are currently growing our family through adoption. I’m a native to Music City and I’m a “mom”trepreneur. I’m working to further my education in social work. My heartbeat is to connect, understand and love. I am passionate about serving, creating and learning. Tell me your story & I’ll be your new best friend. I became an Impact Junkie because I was intrigued with the idea of making sustainable changes in the world. I’ve stayed an IJ because I can’t get enough. On my first #IJ trip to Nepal, I rode in the back of an open truck (at high speeds) along dirt roads… and I knew that was the only way to do life. As Eleanor Roosevelt asked, ‘When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?’ We are free to love, live life to the fullest and make a different while doing it.”

STEFF: Blog Manager/Editor

“Hi! My name is Steff and over the last quarter of a century (plus a year or so), I’ve learned to put my trust in my faith and in myself. No one should go hungry, no one should be without love and no one should have to worry about whether they will wake up the next day. Originally from Indiana, I moved to DC to help make a difference in the lives of others. I became a journalist to help explain to the world what is going on and give them the tools to make their own decisions. Being raised by two blind parents also taught me to take life into my own hands and to trust that the Lord will lead me where I am supposed to go. I joined Impact Junkie because I knew there was a hole in my life when it came to ministry, and truly getting hands-on with charity. I will continue with #IJ because it gives me the push I need to help others and change lives in a sustainable way. Who wouldn’t want that? You can do the same, join Impact Junkie today and make a difference in not just America, but the world.”

VASHTI: Staff Writer

“Hello! My name is Vashti and I am from Ohio. I’ve always had a passion for investing in people and showing them I believe in their dreams. So I became a teacher! As a teacher, I believe the best way I can help my students succeed is by equipping them with the tools, support and love they need to take ownership of their journey. I became an Impact Junkie because they have a like-minded approach to help people, while making a difference in our world. I have continued with #IJ because I went on the venture trip to Nepal and witnessed first-hand the sustainable solutions that are already happening and it’s too incredible to quit! I am so excited to love people and change lives as an Impact Junkie!

HOPE: Staff Writer

“My name is Hope, from Ohio. If there’s one thing that I’m passionate about, it’s investing in people and watching them succeed, despite boundaries and limitations- which is why I
learned American Sign Language and became associated with the Deaf community! I have always wanted to help others around the world, but I didn’t know how- that’s when I discovered Impact junkie. Impact Junkie would give me the ability to support others from all around the world, and though I am not physically going to every country, I am still making a difference and watching the progression of each project… that’s why I became an Impact Junkie – you can be one too!”

KRISTI: Staff Writer

“Hello! I’m Kristi, and I’m an Oregonian living the stereotypes — language nerd, cat owner, coffee drinker.
I was blessed to travel overseas as a teenager, and my eyes opened to a world that was more fascinating
than all I had read about in books. The needs I saw changed me. I was driven to learn Spanish, and along
the way I have discovered a new comfort zone in teaching and working with kids. It is truly an honor to
invest myself in the next generation. I’m passionate about writing because I believe in the big-time
power of sharing our stories. I joined Impact Junkie because I’m enthusiastic about all the ventures they
are creating and inspiring. So many stories are just beginning… The work in Haiti is especially close to my
heart, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!”