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Prior to our first venture trip to Belize, we were connected with the Abernathys, who currently serve as
missionaries in the country. They introduced us to a local pastor, Marcos.

During our first venture trip in spring 2018, we visited Marcos and his family. Through conversation, we
learned that education in Belize is not free and many parents struggle to provide the opportunity for their
children to attend school.

We also discovered that Marcos pastors two churches and had to use
unreliable, overpriced public transportation to travel between locations.

Marcos connected us with several others who had similar needs.

On our second trip to Belize, we connected with Winston at
Freedom House, a halfway house. Winston communicated his desire to help Freedom House financially.

Utilizing their skills and experience, Marcos, James, Santiago and Diego are running chicken farms.
Elfinia, Marco’s wife, is hand crafting Mayan wristbands. Most recently, Winston is creating bamboo
mugs, and there are more opportunities for ventures on the horizon.

Impact Junkie is providing the resources and support to these entrepreneurs so they can change the
opportunities available to themselves, their families and churches.

Our aim is to add more and to go from thinking: “I can enroll my child in school OR buy the medicine I need” to “I can enroll my child in
school AND buy the medicine I need.”

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